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8 suggestions for cramped bedroom interiors

If your bedroom is too narrow I guarantee you will feel quite uneasy and cramped. So, how to overcome this problem? Some suggestions below will help you easily interiors for a small bedroom.

To help accommodate more bedroom furniture, essential items, no longer feeling cramped pumpkin painting, you can apply some hints about the interior layout combines the following colors. Definitely, will not break completely new and your pleasant.

1. Combine the colors for the cramped bedroom

With a small room, if only colors decorated with monotonous it would have been the wrong decision. You should combine colorful fun together but should not take more than 3 colors to freshen up your bedroom. Use a color that you love to do the tone for the room, combined with the objects of striking colors.

If the paint is too costly or not feasible, you can use wallpaper with striking motifs to decorate. The kind of textured wallpaper, wavy pattern refreshes your bedroom.

2. Design a room in the room

To help bedrooms less monotony, you can use the room in room design. Book Bed separate space with the remaining space of the room. For example, the illustration, you can set the bed between two shelf spaces. Another way is to create a list higher buffer separate space. With this arrangement will help ease your bedroom more monotonous.

3. Replace blinds, curtain

Depending on the season you can choose the type of table linen, curtains, and pillows … with the appropriate color. For example, in summer, you should select the type of curtains, bed cover with soft materials, softer colors, while the cold season and warm bold colors such as red, gold will be more suitable.

This combination will help your bedroom is not monotonous that create fresh, interesting.

4. Utilize light in bedroom

Bedrooms should take advantage of the light source illuminates through the window. If photophobia as trouble sleeping, you can use the curtains as needed.

5. Neatly arranged furniture

If your bedroom is too narrow, you should not place too much furniture, especially if the color is not uniform, which makes it extra small room.

So you should allocate as few belongings as possible, restroom will be more space, for more spacious feeling. Before buying and interiors, you should outline for reasonable layout.

6. Leveraging storage space

Because cramped bedroom should you need to optimize the room space to store more than furniture. If the entire wall devoted to a wardrobe inventory is too wasteful. You should choose moderate-sized cabinets, cabinets with chest height or higher level with a little more drawer furniture will be more suitable. You need to divide the hanging clothes, belts, bags accordingly.

You also cannot ignore the space under the bed. It’s an ideal place where you do not take advantage of small objects including books, newspapers, magazines or seasonal clothing.

7. Choose furniture with the right size

To create a harmonious space and usability with stylish furnishings simple, you should choose a bed with the size ratio and in harmony with the bedroom.

Not only a bed, dressing table, wardrobe must also have the right size. Furniture should have a modern design style, neat lines. A bed with bright colors, simple is better suited carved wooden bed fussy, complicated.

8. Use open shelves and wall cabinets

With the cramped bedroom, you need to spend a lot of space under the floor, so the walls in the room should be about making the most. What kind of leg openings or iron shelf wall cabinet for storing belongings makeup items, CDs or books is quite an appropriate choice there.

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