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Guide to purchase kitchen cabinets

The kitchen is an important space in the house that choosing a suitable cupboard again not simple and time-consuming cost. Therefore easier to help you in the selection, Laminate Kitchen cabinets today will give the basic criteria of style, size, color… of a kitchen cabinet. So, you can come up with appropriate decisions for their homes.

1. The colors of the kitchen cabinets.

There are two major trends in the choice of kitchen cabinet colors which are contrasting or same tone. If you want your kitchen stand out, choose a contrasting color to the color of the floor, walls, and other objects. And vice versa, to get uniformity of color, then you choose the same color with the details above. With monochromatic kitchen cabinets, then you have the choice as acrylic kitchen cabinets, laminate kitchen cabinets, paint … And with those color wood grain laminate cabinets, veneer, melamine and natural wood.

2. Material of cupboard.

On the market today, there are three main types of materials to make kitchen cabinets are wood, stainless steel, aluminum, and glass. But only-only wood kitchen cabinets are popular and used more both because of the diversity and high aesthetics. Wooden kitchen cabinets are divided into 2 main types of natural wood and laminate. Each type has advantages and disadvantages so you consider the material of choice in line with investment costs for your kitchen.

·        Laminate

Speaking of durability and ability to bear weight, with laminate kitchen cabinets can be a great option for families. In addition, the kitchen cabinets are made from a material that is affordable, easy visual designs and very rich, from pale to dark shades, from the way out to the subtle textures. In particular, surface textures can be made to look identical to wood or other materials


·        Wood

Natural wood with special beauty with a unique pattern and durability is also very good. You can select pine, wood … or a more advanced oval wood is redwood, car plug … Wood is the material most expensive kitchen cabinets compared to the rest.

·        Plywood

From the scrap wood, sawdust or even bagasse, coconut fiber … people can squeeze into large sheets which play a cupboard. Cupboard from laminated wood is cheaper but not as high reliability. When using this cabinet to cabinet limiting direct contact with water.

·        MDF

MDF is made from wood fiber boards or wood fiber cellulose materials, refined into wood fibers and reconstruct the glue is mixed into the material at high temperatures. MDF structure has uniform, flat surface, smooth, and tight, no sunspots and Wood. MDF wood cabinet delivers sleek modern looks but also the relatively high cost.

·        Acrylic

Material Acrylic kitchen cabinets made from polished and also bring a modern look to the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets made from this material has an affordable price, suitable for many types of customers.

3. Style and design of kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets usually have the basic design is L-shaped kitchen cabinets, U, I, G … Style then youthful style, poise, romantic or elegant, classic or modern

The wing is more important cabinet decisions as well as the style of its convenience. Cupboard under the existing architecture of the wing cabinet minimalist detail and traditional architecture with kitchen cabinet doors often are more ornate.

 4. Sizes of cupboard

When designing your kitchen cabinet should pay attention to space and the kitchen area cabinets to design a suitable and comfortable to cook, and dead should take advantage of.

– Depending on the height of the kitchen ceiling which choose high or low.

– Locate to cabinets, racks before designers to design L-shaped, U, G and I.

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