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9 Ordinary mistakes in interiors


1.     Hanging pictures too high

According to visual habits and behavior, people tend to hang near the ceiling paintings than to have its location. In fact, the best would be to hang paintings at about eye level. However, each person has different height so how to know the proper height? You can use the height of the home and lower memory is better than eye level to high.

2.     Ceiling lights hanging too high


You should choose a chandelier to fit the size of the room. Remember that we need to illuminate the whole room, not just decorating a ceiling. So choose a chandelier to fit the room and hung with a reasonable altitude. To better understand how to choose a chandelier hanging chandeliers and most affordable you can refer to here.

3.     Carpets too small


Carpets not only help smooth leg, adorn the room but also protect from scratching the floor layers, broken. Use carpet size mismatch is one of the most common mistakes. All the furniture has four legs in the living room as a desk, sofa to lie on carpeted areas. Without carpet big enough, you have to ensure the four table legs and front legs of the sofa fit on the carpet. So, how to choose the carpet like that? Learn now how to choose carpet for the floor you here.

4.     Use short curtains


Curtains or blinds hanging floor-length fool visual help make the ceiling becomes higher. It is not a matter really if they touch the floor a bit, but never be shorter. Curtains so short that wall looks shorter it is. In addition to beautifully decorate home, you should also choose curtains with windows to bring in the most harmonious beauty.

5.     Using too many pillows


Pillows are great decorative accents but do not use too much when you have to move them all out before the sofa while sitting or lying down. You see them displayed much, eye-catching displays in the store does not mean that it should apply in the actual space. Doing so only makes your home space trickier by the pillow only.

6.     Mistake-themed room decor


It looks convincing when you decorate the room according to trends flashy, eye-catching are current but over time, you will quickly feel we ‘cheesy variation and’ rustic. At this point, you have to spend more money to redecorate.

Therefore, instead of applying to the entire room, you can only furnish some furniture suitable decoration. For example, you like the theme Forests should zebra skin rug shown few or use leopard print pillows. If you liked the festival atmosphere of the Sea picture refreshing summer is just enough for the family living room. Just in theme to make it easier to change their minds to other ideas.

7.     Furniture Fashion

Many families are attracted by the trendy furniture items, pleasingly, but less realistic. You should opt for a more comfortable seat is a nice chair. Therefore, always think about how you use them like before buying.

8.     Statistics all furniture against the wall


Sometimes limited room size makes you feel the way furniture Statistics wall slightly difficult. However, it is best to leave them away from the wall to create a feeling about ventilation – avoid moldy wall that you are easy to clean furniture.

9.     Only overhead fluorescent lamps

Fluorescent lights ceiling cannot provide enough light for the entire room, therefore in the home should have more table lamps, standing lamps to provide more light and decorate the room more attractive.

Hopefully the share of homes decorated mistakes above will help you get more experience fabricated furniture in the family.

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