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8 Smart ways for storage in the bedroom

8 simple tips will help you to store and turn a messy room becomes the place to rest, relax ideal.

The bedroom is the warehouse of “hundreds” stuff satisfy all your personal needs, from makeup, cosmetics, accessories to clothing, blanket gas, souvenirs, books … Yet here also require ventilation, clean and comfortable.

8 simple tips will help you to store and call processing efficiently map a messy room became the place to rest, relax ideal.

Versatile seating

A set aft bench seat bed is ideal for you to store miscellaneous tangle room furniture, belongings stowed in the basket and place in the nice little shelf under the seat.

With the seat cushions have provided you get inside the hollow compartment. You can also take advantage of the small to medium storage chests, sheets, pillows … just used as a seat; remember to decorate a little chest to the room more lively.

  • Convenient box versatile chair that can be used to do just lovely seats used to store multiple objects with
  • in the body or for millet seat laptop …
  • Products may be bearing the load of about 70kg.
  • Items inside the container will not be moldy or wet, they help preserve absolute safety.
  • Structure compact, neatly when not in use, easy to move.

Double cabinet

Expand storage space with double closet. If you do not want to buy new furniture, you can completely turn two old cabinets by painting them in pairs of the same color or replace the same type of grip.

Bedside table

Small bedroom with storage that you need so many things, you should be shopping for multipurpose furniture such as bed type has combined the closet at the top of the bed. We just helped adorn both a storage room for books, ornaments or other objects used.

Space under the bed

The bed is the ideal storage place for a lot of things from old clothes or the season, sheet, pillowcase old, books, old ornaments … Style bed with bed design combined with drawer or drawers glove under a bed with wheels to help you conveniently and store maps.

With this type of conventional beds, to limit dust, you should stow belongings in paper boxes or plastic boxes in notes to help observe objects inside and cleaned easily.

Decorate around the bed with cloth covered piece of furniture to hide clutter down there.

Select dresser

Does not shop the purely decorative cabinet, attention select the type of cabinets, dressing table, bedside table … there are many storage compartments, cute symbols used to mark the drawer. This is also a locker arrangement for your child effectively… With Decorative shelving can also choose the type of small drawers and high to increase storage area.

Mobile Cabinets

Dresser with extra wheels makes it easy to move to the position necessary when you want to change or interior decoration.

How to arrange smartly in closet

  • Rather than spend hours every morning to select items, you can organize clothing available weekdays like this.
  • Use different colored hooks for different outfits, such as a gold hook for shirts, red hook for skirts … You can also divide your closet into 4 seasons: green hook for spring toys, blue for summer, fall and gray-yellow for the winter.
  • Clothes rod for hanging the boots.
  • Take advantage of the ring opener to double hooks area map.
  • Items hanging toiletries can be used to hang ornaments.
  • Or use a rope and the forceps to place a towel

The “dead” areas

If your room does not have room for many desks or closet, be cleverly designed to turn small alcove became shelf glove.

You also do not miss the precious space on the top, such as cabinets or under the shelves; it will help you get plenty of storage utensils.

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