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How to choose the most standard paint colors

When embarking on the selection of paint colors should think and choose carefully. Listen to the advice from the experts to get the right decision for you

Choose different paint colors

Unique paint colors used on the walls and decorative make sense when applied to various surface finishing. For example, wall decorations and colors can still be the same color, but use a different coating to finish the wall surface. The colors will appear slightly different on each surface. It’s a great way to create a cohesive look in a room with lots of windows and doors or walls with the relatively little area.

Start from small space

If you are not sure to start somewhere paint, test it in a small space such as a bathroom or area between rooms … To start, you can choose a favorite color drawn from artwork art, a rug, dishes, parts accessories or furniture in the room to use as a primary color or highlights.

Choose colors bring the mood you want

When choosing a color, consider the mood of a room.

For example, in the bedroom you want to feel light, relaxed and intimate, you should choose neutral colors as they create stillness; in the dining room you want to feel warm and stimulate the taste then you should choose bright colors, contrasting to create a harmonious atmosphere, close …

Note to lighting

That is why that the paint shop with lightbox for you to paint chip test:

– Natural light shows the truest color;

– Incandescent Lamps will make the golden tones look more and warming trend;

– Fluorescent lamps such as the color blue are more government.

Therefore, a strong color can be too bright and too strong when used on all of the walls or next to a large window, but it can be effective when used as an accent or with indirect light.

Follow the color wheel

A small color wheel is a great reference tool to modify and enhance two or more shades. For example, red and green, complemented (opposite) colors, there is most intense when used together. You may be surprised to combine multiple functions together gorgeous, and you may even be attracted to the new palette. The color wheel also visually illustrates color temperature. Draw a straight line from the trademark yellow-green on the color wheel and extends down to the purple-red, you will find that all of the colors on the left is the warmth and color to the right are cool.

Learn rules of color combinations

If you want a more dynamic space, then consider the strong colors, more intense. Even if you want a light-colored room, choose the color saturation a little more than neutral tones. Chances are you will feel the light of bright colors and clearer when it appears on all surfaces in a room. However, two or more neutral light are closely related can create a glowing effect when used in the same room.

Add depth with decorative painting

Converting the surface is flat, dull wall into the space interesting and personal with delicate texture image. Polished and finished walls with colored enamel or stones sparkle help add depth. Some examples of light reflective metal are mica, copper, pewter and antiqued silver and gold course.

Creating a link with the other rooms

Consider the wall as the plane of colors, and see how they interact with another wall in the adjacent room. Approach it: You are in a room, but you will see another part of the room through it. So, when you choose the color, consider how to help them connected from one room to another to create your image.

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