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How to choose the best cheap mowers

Summer is approaching, and many people are seeking practical solutions for your garden. So In This new guide to the best cheap gasoline and electric mower. You’ll get all the information you need to spend just enough depending on your needs.

With the number of brands and types of cheap mower that there is usually not know which is better suited to what you want, so we have prepared for you the definitive guide to buying cheap mower, and you can cross out the matter of your list of concerns 😀

If you know exactly what you need, then we leave the list of Models That Have Analyzed on http://www.lawnmowerjudge.net/guide-buying-electric-lawn-mower/. Have we divided them into gasoline and electric mower so you can find yours easier.

What mower buy? Useful Tips for you

If you think about it objectively, the best mower is One That suits your needs. Then we will see what the Most Important to Consider aspects are.

Measures garden

This factor partly the primary basis for choosing mower is a success. If in your house You have a garden of small dimensions you will probably not worth investing in a petrol mower has everything you need as even The most basic model works by electricity That. For small dimensions we can Understand a garden of 60 or 70 square meters, to give you an idea.

Things change if your garden is over the surface. In This case, You should ask yourself buying a mower That is gasoline or electricity is quite Should be powerful. Both types Have Their Advantages and Disadvantages (Which Also In This guide will try), so end your decision has to be Aimed at what best suits what you want.

Width Mower

The wider the mower you buy, more garden space can cut in one pass, RESULTING in less time it will take to cut all the lawn altogether. You should ALSO CONSIDER handling machine offers as there are That in gardens there are many obstacles Which Must Be Overcome That to mow the lawn (islands, trees).


With many other appliances as for home and garden, the materials used for making the mower are important. In most cases, aluminum is utilized for the robustness and resistance of the plastic and the outer covers. Insist That it is an Important, but not decisive, since manufacturers MOST Develop Their products to last a Certain amount of years.

To give you a little more global idea, let’s look at the advantages and Disadvantages of the mower gasoline and electric, and so you can choose on one of two groups, then a there will be time to pick a particular brand and model.

Advantages and Disadvantages of petrol mower


  • They are suitable for large areas without many obstacles.
  • They Have a much higher power so that They can kill weeds without problems.
  • You can use it anywhere Because all you need to run is fuel in the tank.
  • Most models are a self-propelled gas mower, much more comfortable. You will not Have to push him.
  • By bringing a gasoline engine, They are more robust.


  • They spend more fuel.
  • They are heavier.
  • Every now needs maintenance (oil, engine filters, fuel filter)

Advantages and Disadvantages of electric mower


  • Electric mowers are lighter and Easier to handle, perfect if you have to maneuver your garden a lot.
  • Spend less.
  • They are cheaper.
  • No maintenance, Although it is convenient to clean the blades of grass clippings every two or three applications.
  • You can find more or less power Depending on the measurements of your garden.


  • With any model of mower, you will need an extension cord.
  • Having Cable, you must be very careful estate That does not get the mower blades.
  • If your garden is colossal, it is not Advisable for the issue of wire and power.

Buy cheap lawn mowers, but Considering the following

List of Things to Consider to buy at the best price mower without making a mistake:

  • We agree to buy cheap That we will always mower look at the cost, but think it Should be a long-term investment.
  • It is a decision that you ‘do not regret fácilmante.
  • Note the Valuations of other users to buy an inexpensive lawnmower. It is the best way to choose.
  • Think of the parts. If over time you Have to change any part, pick a brand of a lawn mower in Which You Can Easily buy spare parts.

We hope All These tips are helpful.

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