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Tips: how to place your subwoofer

Avoid placing your subwoofer in the corner or too close to the wall; this will artificially increase the bass volume a few decibels to where standing waves are precisely lodged, Unless, your goal is to get seriously big, slobbery and intrusive sound.

Some models of subwoofers, I think particularly of Thiel SS2, integrate the management office of the distance from the rear and side wall.
Some others come with a micro auto-calibration function of the room, i.e., is from my point of view the cherry on top!

Practical case

For simplicity, I’ll start from the idea that the active subwoofer has no DSP or micro calibration. As my model Klipsh RSW10, that will serve me to show you how to install it in the rules. We will continue with the SVS Ultra 13 that he is “full equipped” almost.

The box is virtually in line with the mid bass of two monitors Lafleuraudio X1 to limit the risk of groping and other wanderings in phase term. Anyway, I do not have any choice since I have access to a setting of 0 ° or 180 °, period.
So I decided to position the box at 80 cm from the wall back. The more I fell, the more serious this is, this bulge can be avoided as long as you agree to move the box towards the listening area. You will thus find the best sound, the stage and the perfect match with your main speakers.
I used to send the signal to a subwoofer RCA output my CD player; XLR is being dedicated to the BC amplifier 332D acoustics. Mrvehicle Car Blog will show you more on how to choose the right XLR and best car subwoofer for the money.

I would be also able to enter the 332D amplifier via the line 3 by bypassing the preamp or better yet use the dedicated sub output of the 332D. This email is versatile enough to afford just about any editing. I love it; a test is necessary if your budget is small but your ambitions are high.

Since I do not have DSP, it is not possible to properly adjust the high denominations (High pass), but never mind, we’ll say that the subwoofer crossover will be wedged in 40 Hz, the internal system Klipsh RSW10 is already calibrated for a slope of 36dB / octave.
40Hz, is sufficiently low, to limit the possible interaction of the same frequencies from monitors, with the serious under. The effect could be disastrous, resulting in a kind of unpleasant sound mush due to a mixture of certain frequencies among them or even cancellation of some of them.
In this case, no worries, the woofer X1 or Mordaunt-Short Aviano 2 down low, but not enough to worry us.

My advice, do not aspire too, do not step beyond 60hZ to start, because beyond you risk a hand to hear the subwoofer and locate it easily, but you also take the risk of doing hound, with the consequences that may occur.

So cut low pass, i.e. that one lets through to the subwoofer that the frequencies from 0 Hz to 40 Hz, frequencies above being supported by the main speakers.
The volume must be set less than a quarter of the maximum power; it is always possible to adjust along the way. This is not what is important at the moment. The whole is not to want too much at once, but rather to see step by step what happens to master both the volume that the subwoofer can withstand the cutoff point and marriage with the main speakers. Each room or environment is different; this is where you have to adapt.

Depending on the efficiency of your main speakers, the gain will be adjusted accordingly.

Phase is set to 0 for now; we will adjust it to “ear” using a soundtrack that strikes and offers a wide dynamic range in the lower frequencies.
Examples of music I listen as much for fun as for technical reasons:

Marcus Miller: Jean-Pierre,

Grace Jones: Walking in the rain (The Compass Point Sessions)

Oscar Peterson Trio: We get request,

Count Basie: Blues In The Church,

The seven words of Christ, Fidelio record,

Seether (Metal Rock) Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces (2007)

Test drum and more: Jim Keltner, beach No. 1,

Siri’s Svale Band,

Beady Belle: Cewbeagappic,

Trentmoller: Shades Of Marble (Great Wide Yonder)

Selah Sue: This world,

This is a trio: Before the end of the world (Franck Vaillant)

Jacques Higelin: Electrocardiogram Flat,

These songs were chosen in collaboration with Michael Forbes

Hi, it’s Leroy Simmons from mrvehicle.net which provides updated information about the best subwoofer for your car. Enjoy!

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