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The best walkie-talkies?

Communication is an essential aspect of our lives, so there are tools like walkie talkies, that allow the transmission of information in both directions, without requiring satellite coverage, which means they are very useful in areas where coverage fails, such a mountain. But before you buy walkie talkies, adjustments should be the main features, among which are the scope and autonomy. It is also important that they can easily get the batteries.

A walkie-talkie is a communicator easy to use and different applications, both business and personal level, which is very convenient and economical where the phone signal does not reach or difficult to get to the device.

What can you use walkie-talkies for?

Walkie-talkies are, by definition, a method of half-duplex communication: This means that two people can not talk at once. That HENCE when one finishes saying what she wanted, pass the word to your receiver with a “change.” you are the first issue, then the receiver and vice versa. This can be a drawback Regarding mobile phones, as the scope, but still, have two main advantages:

  • Communication is free. You do not pay for the call. You can talk all you want. You will not have a bill at the end of the month.
  • You do not depend on the coverage. As we will explain a little later, the walkie-talkies have some degree but do not rely on antennas telephones. You can be in the most remote place on Earth without coverage, while you have the other walkie-talkie Within the established range, can communicate with him.

Given these advantages, sure you can think of many potential uses for these devices. For example, they take a lot in Airsoft games. If you have your hands full, as is the case, you can continue communicating with the rest of your teammates. In this instance, yes, it is almost essential to opt for one headset that you ‘save the press every time you want to talk.

What types of walkie talkies are better?

The walkie talkies are portable radio transceivers, capable of performing functions of both transmission and reception, but not at the same time as a phone, but alternately.

Although the price is an important issue, before asking how much we suggest to consider some characteristics that are equally important. One of the main issues we need to know before buying the best walkie talkie is that in some countries two types of radio communications are handled: licensed and unlicensed. This has to do with legal regulations on radio spectrum, so we should first check which laws about managed in our country are.

For example, in Spain, it is allowed free distribution of radio equipment but its misuse is considered a crime. As for unlicensed walkie talkies are free to use and do not need to have any particular certification, they are governed by the A-110 standard also known as PMR 446.

Of course, these transceivers are limited to working with specific channels (in the range of 446.0 to 446.1 MHz). These channels are defined in steps of 12.5kHz. Many users share this band so you should try not to interfere with each other. To have an integrated antenna, should a particular law and the emission power should not be greater than 0.5 W (500 mW). These standards have been expanded in most of Europe, however in some countries need permission and not in others.

Depending on reception conditions, these walkie talkies unlicensed theoretically should have a range of about 3 km.

Other types of walkie talkies

The other walkie talkies are the most typical Americans, who can be Family Radio System (FRS) and General Mobile Radio System (GMRS). The former are similar to Spanish, but the channels that have are located in the 462 MHz frequency. The power limit is 0.5 W. For their part, need a GMRS license to run, although there are no limitations authority and scope can be about 20 km.

Although there are models of walkie talkies that are both FRS and GMRS, in Spain and elsewhere in the world, it is illegal to use GMRS because these frequencies are reserved for private companies and public institutions, so that if we intervene in them, we have unpayable fines.

Analyzing in depth some of the best selling models on the Internet, we have found that the 59T80EXPACK Motorola is one of the best on the market, as it reaches a distance of 10 kilometers and its battery can last up to 16 hours. Another good choice is the 9500 Airsoft Edition Topcom Twintalker that has the same scope, its battery is very durable, and is waterproof. It is best that these two models use common AAA batteries.

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