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Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. Just so you know, I never think one day I would spend my time writing stuffs around me. But here I am, owning a blog that I use to express my emotions towards the world. This is quite hard to believe!

Here are two things you are likely to come accross in this blog: Fashion and Interior Design. You can call me a sucker for these categories on Pinterest since my pins are almost about either men and women’s fashion, or decoration and DIY home stuffs. I particularly have soft spot for classy clothes and interior’ brands.

I’m into fashion. But for the record, I’m not a fashionista (even though I want to) or a designer. I just like to mix and match my clothes, talk about beautiful accessories and go shopping. Fashion is not simply clothes to me, it shows my lifestyle. In my opinion, there aren’t many ways to show who you are with your appearance, but if you can then it would be brilliant to leave great impression on people you meet. The second thing that inspires me is the space. I find it very alluring, you know, to decorate your own corner and create your own sanctuary? Should we put the couch here? How are we gonna arrange all these photos? This table doesn’t suit the dinning room, does it? I can talk about it all day! I even have a wishlist (which I am never wealthy enough to complete) of all kinds of sofa I want for my future home. After truly aware of my own passion, I talk to myself, “I have to do something about this.”

So finally I decide to make this blog my collection of thoughts about these two things. All in all, I will be providing gorgeous clothes and furniture, as well as how to mix, or arrange them in a stylish way. Also, I can give you some shopping guides, tips and opinions about the current trend (or things I find hard to choose and purchase). Each week there will be a post in the DIY closet, I will help you to choose a classy outfit for your date, your dinner with his or her family or I will teach you how to arrange your bathroom according to modern art. Oh, and not to mention the economy part where I reveal my secret place to find cheap but high quality stuffs, don’t miss this part, guys ;).

If you have any questions, requests or problems that I may become handy, please, don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected], I’m at your service.

I hope you all have some good and productive time scrolling my posts. Love you guys!